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STATEMENT, 06 June 2018: HSA affiliate Pacific Inter-Link (PIL) makes sustainability commitments

HSA is pleased to confirm that affiliate organisation Pacific Inter-Link (PIL) is making its commitment towards sustainability through a dedicated Palm Oil Sustainability Charter and corresponding Implementation Plan.
PIL – a leading edible oil trader & consumer goods - is taking decisive action to clearly outline its commitments to environmentally sustainable operations which also have significant positive social contribution. A key commitment in Palm Oil Sustainability Charter – to be published in Q3 2018 – will be working towards supply chain traceability, which PIL aims to achieve over the next two years.

The organisation’s full statement can be read here:

Additionally, HSA wishes to clarify that – despite recent reports – it has not invested in any palm oil concessions in Indonesia, or elsewhere. While HSA had previously considered such an investment, the organisation decided not to proceed after due diligence studies demonstrated there was no clear business case to do so. HSA Group apologises for any incorrect information included on our website, and have since updated the site accordingly.

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